The Dark Side Of Fat Loss

If you’re like my clients, at one time or another, have asked, “why the diet works?”.

So who saw their friends attempt the latest food fads: low-carb, low-fat, low-CAL, that is-and it seems that no matter what they do, not just end the energy gain all the weight back?

Source: Sturm, r., j. Ringel and t. Andrejevskaja, “increase the rate of obesity and disability trends,” health problems, Vol 23, no.? 2, March/April 2004, pp 1-7, namely, well documented in the literature of the Government that are best for healthy eating and life … it’s not that they don’t know what to eat and how to live to be healthy … right?

However, most people than ever before in human history are obese and not only that, the growth rate of obesity continues to increase. Not only are larger, but it also increases the speed at which we are getting fatter.

It seems to me that guidelines are “public” health & nutrition … Good, bad. Oh, if I’m correct, without being a population healthy and happy? Does not exist or the obesity epidemic?

Albert Einstein (a very intelligent man, could you add me) said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

In any case here is to do exactly the same thing that-according to guidelines that only produce a healthy population, obesity, should be able to give a different result.

(Several km run (only to find them and in physics, not with less intestinal pain)?)

You can see how many Americans infomercials “burn fat in 5 minutes a day”? How much loss of fat pills, tricks and gadgets that we can buy?

If I was cynical, just consider our fight obesity defeated in a desperate situation and move on with my life. Fortunately, I’m not cynical. Rather than simply accept things as they are, fat loss is just a matter of counting calories, hours and hours of cardio and eating whole grains, for 10 years to learn the truth about fat loss. I have worked with over 750 customers, read books, monographs and magazines about 600 and spent more than 10,000 hours of work, learning and study of the way that …


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