Heartburn symptoms most likely due to obesity

Studies reveal heartburn symptoms most likely due to obesity and bad eating habits like alcohol,fatty meals and sugar the main factor is mostly over eating…. reported by http://healthnews18.com


Lose weight for acid reflux relief, say experts


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Acid reflux, commonly known as heartburn, is a condition where the acids in the stomach escape into the esophagus causing serious discomfort with symptoms such as heart burn, chest pain, sore throat and even chronic cough

Obesity is one of the main causes of acid reflux along with poor dietary habits and alcohol consumption. Since obesity is linked to over eating, the cases of acid reflux are normally high among the obese group compared to the normal people.

Studies also link the excess fat around abdominal area to heartburn, as the excess weight around the stomach puts more pressure and causes food and acids escape into the esophagus.

Healthcare experts advise people to lose weight if they are suffering from acid reflux. According to them, even a little weight gain puts people at the risk of getting acid reflux.

By losing weight, the pressure on the abdominal area considerably reduces. Also the diet that’s followed to lose weight helps lower the heartburn symptoms drastically as the weight loss diet is known to have fewer calories and fat.



     A healty diet and a moderate life style can help to overcome heartburn symptoms


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