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Server Log Files
All servers hosting websites receive information about visiting computers. This information includes the Internet protocol (IP) address the computer is using and the Internet service provider (ISP) supplying the IP address. In addition, the Internet browser you use is reported to us along with the pages you visited and the time each page was accessed. Finally, the operating system and other unique identifiers may be collected and stored in our log files.

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Our website is partially supported by third-party advertising. Our advertisers may use additional cookies and page tags, also known as Web beacons, for the purpose of displaying relevant advertising. Advertisers that use cookies and web beacons include those delivered through Google AdSense. The information collected by these advertisers may include your browser, IP address, ISP and the presence of browser add-ons, such as Flash. In addition, certain cookies may collect information about your past browsing habits.

Google Advertising
Google advertising services, including Google AdSense, use DoubleClick DART cookies. These cookies are uploaded to your computer anytime you visit a website that support DoubleClick advertising or Google AdSense. These cookies are used to serve advertisements to you that are based on your interests as determined by your browsing history. The information collected by DART cookies is anonymous, so you cannot be personally identified through them. Personal information that is never used includes your name, address, email address, phone number, social security number and financial account information. DoubleClick gives all users the option to opt out of their ad service on all websites at any time. For more information on this, please visit http://www.doubleclick.com/privacy/dart_adserving.aspx.

Privacy Controls
You may disable cookies through your Web browser or through many brands of security software. You may choose to disable all cookies or only third-party advertising cookies. You may also delete cookies from your operating system files. Turning off or deleting cookies is not recommended because it may affect your ability to browse or interact with our website. Disabling cookies may cause a loss of services provided by our website, such as the use of forums or personal accounts.

Deleting cookies is not a permanent option for opting out of any advertising services. The cookies will be reinstalled upon your next visit unless your preferences have been set to disable them.

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