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Heartburn symptoms most likely due to obesity

Studies reveal heartburn symptoms most likely due to obesity and bad eating habits like alcohol,fatty meals and sugar the main factor is mostly over eating…. reported by   Lose weight for acid reflux relief, say experts! Huge Selection of Multivitamins Products and Reviews Acid reflux, commonly known as heartburn, is a condition […]

The Best Life Herbals Store

Quality over Price! When it comes to buy herbal-supplements there are many choices on the internet but only few will meet the tough requirements of a good online supplement store you can trust. Best Life Herbals offers the finest nutritional supplements money can buy. You’ve got absolutely everything to gain and nothing to lose when […]

Green Tea For Weight Loss ?

Green tea as we know has many benefits and is used since centuries in china for various remedies. the article below taken from the site states the benefits of green tea.     Benefits of Green Tea Posted on September 14, 2012   Green tea is an incredibly effective and potent product that has […]

HIV prevention drug delayed by FDA

Gilead Sciences said that the FDA delayed a final approval and the recommendation of a HIV preventing drug till september 2012 reported by The Arizona Daily Star FDA delays decision on drug to prevent HIV Arizona Daily Star AP The Associated Press WASHINGTON – Federal health regulators have delayed a decision on whether to approve the […]

Antibiotics will be useless against sex bug , WHO warns

Gonorrhea could soon be untreatable because of overuse of antibiotics and the ability of the virus to adapt easily to prescription drugs…  reports the Arizona Daily Star…   Sex bug growing resistant to drugs, WHO warns Arizona Daily Star “43 minutes ago • AP A potentially dangerous sexually transmitted disease that infects millions of people each […]

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